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The CBT Alumni Club was formed from the CBT Retirees Club in 1983, after CBT no longer existed except in the hearts and minds of those who had worked there. Anyone who ever worked at CBT is welcome to join. Membership is $7 per year.

The Board of Directors is a working board that creates and presents social events each year and a semi-annual newsletter for the membership. We welcome people who would like to join and help us with our work. Board Members for 2014 are:

Dorly Brunner
Pat Cote
Noreen Cullen (Vice President)
Gary Espelin
Mary Grazen
Mary Lou Kenyon
Marlene Lincoln
Dan Murray
Susan Moher (Secretary)
Kathy Nothe
Mary Ann Robinson
Eunice Sudol
Mary-Ellen Welch (Treasurer)
Paul Young (President)

One of the most important functions of the Club is connecting CBTers to their pension money. To date, we have recovered over $2 million in lost pension funds for people, some of whom had assumed that our pensions were lost due to the bankruptcy in 1991. Not so! Our pensions are very much alive and well and it just takes some effort to find them. Please contact the Club if you need help in locating yours, noreen@cbtclub.org.

The CBT Alumni Club has a philanthropic aspect. We end every year at our Annual Meeting and Holiday Party. While celebrating together, we collect an impressive amount of food, mittens, scarves, books, clothing, and toys each December. These were donated in 2013 to Toys for Tots, a Groton and New London active, retired, and homeless military organization, Bridgeport Wounded Warriors Project, and military who were harmed by Hurricane Sandy. We collected eight SUV-loads of items over a three-month period.

The Club endeavors to keep people connected and offers a network of support. The website and email communications were added in 2002 to enhance these functions. The website serves as a way to keep members informed about the Club and its events, to post photos after social events, and to place obituary notices in a single, easy-to-access location. Since 2004 a current-day newsletter has been published called The Connection.

The Club currently has members who live all around the country. We have over 450 active members.

The beat does go on!